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About Dr. Jeannette Guignard, EdD

I’m a mom and wife, and I really do have a doctorate in Leadership! I am a full-time Leadership Professor and mostly retired Leadership Executive Trainer/Coach… and, yes, I still do work part-time for a division of Harvard Business School taking on special global clients. After 15 years in corporate roles, I transitioned full-time to Leadership Development Coaching/Training and teaching at the university level. I have had the honor of working, coaching, and training top business global executives at major Fortune 500 companies. I truly love working with executives; it is an honor and always a fulfilling learning experience.

However, I’ve developed a special passion for working with and assisting all of the leaders serving in selfless, often under-paid or non-paid, leadership positions. My heart hurts when these leaders tell me that they don’t see themselves as leaders when, clearly, they are, and clearly everyone around them does rely on them for leadership. It’s time that we all recognize, respect, and invest in Servant Leaders just as much as we do executive leaders.

I am now certain that my purpose is to help Servant Leaders recognize themselves as leaders and to teach Servant Leaders about Mindfulness and Growth Mindset, so that they can develop and care for themselves, just as much as they care and give to others. Servant Leaders are the true heroes of our communities, and if they don’t maintain their mental and whole wellness, they won’t be able to continue to make their incredible impact on our world.

So, if you are a parent, a teacher, a nurse, an officer/fire fighter, school or community volunteer, a small business owner, or maybe you work in an organization passionate about making the workplace a healthier and more positive place for employees, or perhaps you are responsible for the care of a loved-one, or you simply bring good people together… know that YOU ARE A LEADER! In fact, you are a special kind of leader, you are a SERVANT LEADER!

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Dr. Guignard