Leading Mindful



Dr. Guignard's Teaching Philosophy


I believe in the constant pursuit of continuous learning.  I also believe that distance education serves a wide range of educational objectives and thus a wide range of diverse individuals.  I love the opportunity to use my skills, education and experience towards a goal of working with, helping and teaching students, in traditional classrooms, via distance learning or in corporate training.

I embrace diversity and really enjoy and am able to work with people of all academic backgrounds, various cultures and a variety of socioeconomic levels. I am committed to providing quality education and personalized attention to my students.  As a committed professor, I am dedicated to sharing my experiences and dedication to higher learning through teaching. I strive to engage students and facilitate collaborative learning.

I believe that as a professor and/or instructor, it is my duty to assist students in building on their knowledge and skills so that they may advance in their chosen careers.  As such, it is my responsibility to assist students by helping them sharpen and increase their depth of knowledge in order to help prepare students to face the challenges ahead within the world of Business.  I believe that a teacher is a mentor for their students.  My goal is that my enthusiasm and passion for continuous higher learning, specifically within Leadership, is infectious to my students and serves to spark their interest in the subject matter.  I want to keep them engaged throughout the course and see them succeed by meeting and exceeding learning outcomes.  I believe that teachers and students learn from each other and I know that I too will learn and grow in an academic community.

In short, I am a business professional with over 15 years of experience in Management, Marketing and Organizational & Leader Development.  I am dedicated to sharing my passion for learning with students.  I am committed to working hard to provide my students and colleagues a context for a transformational experience through my dedication to excellent academics, servant leadership and by cultivating caring relationships.